Matatu SACCO’s move to court to challenge Muchuki Rules


Matatu Sacco’s have moved to court to challenge the famous Michuki rules.

Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui the petitioners want NTSA restrained from demanding their compliance with the legal notice 161 of 2003 popularly known as Michuki rules in their operation.

The respondents in the matter are NTSA, Attorney General, Inspector General, CS for interior, CS for transport, Urban development, Traffic commandant, KEBs and regional metropolitan transport limited.

They also want an order compelling the Kenya Bureau of Standards  to ensure all safety belts meet all safety and fitting standards as specified by law.

According to Kinyanjui, the infamous Michuki rules are not law since they were never regularizes.

“Pending the determination of notice of motion, an order of prohibition do issue prohibiting NTSA from effecting section 4(2) and 4(3) of legal notice 179 of 31st December 2014 when processing the road service PSV licences,” reads the petition.
In addition, they want the authority prohibited from issuing road service licences for taxi cabs plying within Kenya that are not painted the continuous yellow band as required by a provision of the traffic Act.
The petitioners are also seeking to have the transport CS and traffic commandant  prohibited from removing removing non reflective tint fitted for sun reflection safety protection.
The petitioners argue that the Michuki rules were quashed by Justice Jackton Ojwang’ upon the expiry of the regularization window.
This comes a few days after the police started a crackdown on PSVs that don’t comply with the Michuki rules.