NASA wants court to stop deployment of KDF in election violence hotspots


NASA has moved to court to challenge the deployment of KDF officers in election violence hotspots come August 8th  as it is not aware of any approval to deploy KDF in the said areas.

The opposition is apprehensive that the Ministry of defense, the Attorney general and the CS ministry of interior who are respondents in the petition have evinced an intention to deploy KDF unconstitutionally and unlawfully.

NASA says that unless the orders are urgently granted then the respondents will involve KDF in the intended security operations in a manner that is likely to destabilize or overthrow civilian authority and by extension the constitution set up of the country.

In a certificate of urgency, they want the court to declare that the military cannot be engaged in any security operations for the purpose of acting in a partisan manner or to further interest of a political party

NASA claim that the said decision will adversely affect the citizens and KDF are likely to intimidate and harass them and thereby constrain the political rights of Kenyans.