Njiru residents now want DCI to investigate Kirima family land ownership documents


Njiru area residents under the Runaway View Association have written to the Director of Criminal Investigations to investigate alleged fraud in the Kirima family land ownership documents.

Through the firm of Danstan Omari and Associates Advocates, the group is seeking the investigative body’s intervention to have the Njiru land investigated over what they believe are fraudulent activities by the late Gerishon Kirima’s family.

“We would like your offices to investigate documents provided by our clients and compare them with the documents provided by the family of the late Gerishon Kirima (if any) with a view of identifying the genuine owner of the land,” Omari states.

This comes after the association filed a case challenging their eviction from the said land which the claim to have resided in for 40 years.

Justice Samson Oko’ngo delivered a judgement in favour of the Kirima family where they were determined to be the legitimate owners of the said land. The judge ordered the residents to be evicted by 31st December 2023.

However, the association claims that they have documents to prove that the property does not belong to the late MP Gerishon Kirima.

It is alleged that the real owner of the Njiru land is an Italian settler Demenico de Masi who has since passed and the estate is being administered by his heirs.

According to their court documents, the residents claim that they are the bonafide purchasers of the land having been issued with certificates and allotment letters by the city council.