North Horr and Saku MPs freed, DPP fails to adduce evidence of incitement allegations


Saku and North Horr Members of Parliament have been discharged by a Nairobi court  four months after they were accused of inciting violence in Marsabit County.

Ali Rasso Dido and Francis Chachu Ganya were discharged after the prosecution filed to adduce evidence against them.
The prosecution prayed for another two weeks to conclude the matters, but was dismissed by the court.
Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Nzakyo ruled that four months was enough time for the prosecution to carry out investigations and charge the two lawmakers.
“I don’t see the need to extended the bond terms for another two weeks. I therefore discharge the respondents and close this files,” the magistrate ruled.
The MPs were arrested in October last year over allegations of inciting violence in Marsabit County leading to the death of at least 14 people.
According to the state, the reason as to why the investigation are not complete is because they are yet to receive the transcripts of the translation of the alleged inciting utterances.
The magistrate sought to know which language the prosecution was translating that has taken so long.
The court further heard that some of the witnesses have since been displaced hence the delay in concluding investigations.
The two were presented to court where the police sought to detain them in order to complete investigations.
However, the court dismissed the prayer saying the court failed to provide compelling reasons for their detention.
The were released on a cash bail of Sh 250,000 each.