Petition to remove Sonko from office certified urgent


High Court has certified a petition seeking to declare Nairobi Governor unfit to hold public office as urgent.

Justice Wilfrid’s Okwany directed the petitioner, lawyer Boniface Nyamu to serve Governor Mike Sonko in 14 days.

Nyamu wants Sonko declared unfit to hold public office and pave way for new Gubernatorial elections in Nairobi.

The petitioner argues that the governor has engaged in different acts of gross misconduct that are insulting to the people of Nairobi.

He further accuses him of violating the obligation conferred to him as the duly elected governor of Nairobi.

He has cited instances of verbal abuse and release of privately recorded conversation to the public.

According to the lawyer, ever since the Governor was elected, he has regenerated on all his promises and is totally clueless on what is happening and the city is now in deplorable condition.

The petitioner accuses Sonko of breaching the constitution by failing to appoint his deputy.

Nyamu claims that ever since Sonko’s deputy Polycarp Igathe  resigned citing failure to earn his trust to enable him manage the affairs of the county, its now almost a year and he is yet to appoint anyone.