Police to detain woman who faked pregnancy at KNH


A Nairobi court has allowed police to detain a woman who is suspected to have walked into Kenyatta National Hospital with the intention of stealing a baby for three days to complete investigations.

Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi ordered that Elizabeth Syokau Musembi, who was arrested on 23rd September 2021 be detained after the investigator told the court that she had walked into KNH with a fake pregnancy.

Investigating officer Corporal Jackline Makumba told the court that Syokau was found having stashed a pillow in her belly to appear pregnant and was heading to the labour ward.

“I have considered an application by the investigators and taking into consideration that there is a wide syndicate of child stealing, I will allow the investigating officer three more days,” the Magistrate ruled.

According to the officer, the suspect walked into the facility as a pregnant woman ready to be admitted in the maternity ward but tests proved that she was not pregnant. She was armed with an antenatal booklet at the time of arrest.

It is alleged that the suspect said she did so in a desperate attempt to get a baby after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive and claimed to have made her way to hospital to enquire if she could be given an abandoned baby to take care of. However, the investigating officers believe otherwise.

The doctors recommended that she be taken to Mathari Mental hospital for assessment but the officers believe that availing herself to the hospital for mental assessment by herself cannot be guaranteed.