Shocking side of the story of a woman charged with assaulting a police officer

A woman has been charged with allegedly assaulting a police officer from Central Police.
Mary Wanjiru Ndung’u is accused of assaulting one NO.77275 Police Constable Francis Maina who at the time is said to have been acting in due execution of his duty.
According to the police Charge sheet, Wanjiru assaulted Maina on 18th March 2018 at 0200 hours at the station.
Wanjiru who is in her early 20’s denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi who asked her to explain the circumstances surrounding the event.
Her side of the story
When asked by the magistrate to explain what she had gone to do at the station, she responded that she had gone to report her boyfriend that night at around midnight.
“When I got to the gate of Central police station, I found the officer (Maina) there and asked me what I wanted,” she said tearfully.
She went on to narrate that Maina asked her to first have sex with her before he could assist her.
“He asked me what it is i had gone to do tgen told me to give him ‘one shot’ first ┬ábefore helping me but I declined,” Wanjiru added.
She continued that Maina told her to follow him to the OB desk. He started touching her and when she resisted his moves, he slapped her severally, punched her on the left eye, then got a wood which he started beating her up with.
“He beat me up, refused to record what I had gone to report and locked me up in a cell,” she added.
Injuries on other parts of her body
After narrating the ordeal to the court, the magistrate requested his female court assistant to accompany Wanjiru privately and check the other injuries on her body that were covered.
After, the court assistant brought to the attention of the Magistrate that the accused person had bruises and swelling on her left buttock, thigh, arm and the visible swollen black eye.
Emotional Wanjiru further told the court that her two phone, national identification card and cash Sh 4500 had been confiscated by the police by it was recorded that she only had one phone and the ID.
When the prosecutor was asked to explain why the accused had not been brought before a court of law within 24 hours, he said he would enquire all the allegations from the OCS.
“These are serious allegations and I require time to bring in a report from OCS Central police station,” the prosecutor said.
Chief Magistrate Andayi directed that the accused be escorted to Kilimani Police station where she would report the assault against her.
He further ordered that OCS Kilimani Police station ensures that Wanjiru is taken to hospital.
He granted her a bond of Sh 50,000 or alternative cash bail of Sh 30,000.
The matter will be mention tomorrow 21st April before the same court and will be heard before on 24th April.