Star newspaper has three days to apologize for portraying Sonko as ex convict and infected with AIDs


Nairobi Govornor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has given the Star Newspaper three days to apologise over a story published today on his alleged health status failure to which he shall institute legal proceedings against them.

Sonko claims that the defaming publication was understood by the public that he is an immoral person infected with HIV virus and suffering from AIDS.

Through lawyer Cecil Miller, the Governor says that the article portrayed him as an escaped convicted criminal and should not be trusted by any right thinking members of the public and particularly his constituents who have elected him as the ‘conman’ of Nairobi County.

Miller says the local newspaper deliberately chose to recklessly publish the malicious falsehood against his client with a view of damaging his reputation as a businessman and a govornor.

He wants the publication to be in words acceptable to him and given similar prominence as of the publication complained of here in.
“The malicious and spiteful statements were published without enquiring the truth or falsity and counter checking with me,” reads the demand letter.

According to Sonko, the said publication has inflicted great prejudice to and has caused him extreme damage as a community leader especially as the elected governor of Nairobi County and as businessman.