Suspects in Eastleigh woman kidnapping to remain in custody


Two suspects arrested in Nyandarua county for the kidnapping and torture of an Eastleigh businesswoman two weeks ago will now be remanded for five more days to allow police to complete investigations.

Hafsa Abdi Ahmed and Jackson Njogu Wanjiru are alleged to have abducted Habsa Mohammed Lukman on 15th June 2021 and held her hostage at a house in Kayole as they demanded a Sh one million ransom from her family.

Makadara Law Courts Chief Magistrate Heston Nyagah ruled that the days were sufficient for the police to do investigations.

According to an affidavit by investigating officer Godwins Ogola, the suspects are at flight risk if they are released on bail since they do not have a fixed place of abode. The two are also alleged to have been travelling outside the country in Uganda and Tanzania which increased their chances of fleeing the country and interfering with witnesses.

Police also believe that the two are connections with some known organized criminal gangs according to how they planned and executed their plan.

The suspects made everyone believe that Hafsa was also a victim of kidnapping to divert the attention of the investigators since she was the last one to be seen with the victim.

Acoording to CCTV footage from the shop of the victim, Hafsa who was apparently her friend was the the last person she was with at her shop before both of them left together. It is alleged that they had left together so that Habsa could collect the money owed to her by the victim amounting to over Sh 700,000.

The family reported the matter to the police and also informed them when the abductors called the family demanding for a Sh one million. The officers told them not to pay but the family gathered the money ready to follow the abductors’ instructions but they never showed up to collect it. They went silent for the rest of the day.

They then contacted the family on 17th June demanding for money and threatening to harm her if they failed to comply.

Detectives managed to rescue her on 20th June at a house in Matopeni, Kayole tied with a manila rope and with visible injuries on the face and other parts of the body.

A week later, the officers managed to arrest the two who had gone into hiding after realizing that the police were closing in on them.