Suspects in Sh 1 billion gold scam charged afresh


The suspects in the Sh 1 billion gold scam deal have been charged afresh.

The eight are Joseph Lendrix Waswa, Nelson Fru Che, Roland Johnson, Joseph Gikonyo, Alice Kavata, Ian Wekesa Mulongo, Dancan Muchai and Police Constable Festo Akula.

The accused persons are charged with possession of forged bank notes of USD 634,178, (apprx Sh 98297590) in one hundred denominations.

Main suspect in Sh 1 billion gold scam Joseph Lendrix Waswa. PHOTO/Suek

They are also charged with conspiring to defraud Bilel Arfaoul USD 400,000, (apprx. Sh 62 million) on 7th September 2023 at Vila Mawe in Garden Estate Muthangari in Nairobi.

Kavata is further charged that 7th September 2023 at Villa Mawe in Garden Estate, within Nairobi county, without lawful authority or excuse had in her possession sixteen thousand pieces of papers intended to resemble and pass as special papers such as is provided and used in making bank notes.

On the other hand, Johnson is accused that 7th day of September 2023 at Villa Mawe in Garden Estate within Nairobi County was found to be unlawfully present in Kenya without a valid passport.

PC Wamwayi is also accused of being in possession of a firearm and 16 rounds of ammunition without valid licenses from firearm licensing board.

They denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Esther Kimilu. All are currently out on bail.