Tanzanians in court over fake gold, accused of obtaining 1.5M for it


Four foreigners have been arraigned in court on suspicions of defrauding a businessman Sh 1.5 million after selling to him fake gold.

Jeremiah Baraka, Prosper Helmed Makunde, Yussuph Athumani Kineya and Kevin Otieno Onyango who are Tanzanian Nationals are suspected to have defrauded one Adan Hassan Hillow in a gold deal where it turned out that what they sold him was just some yellow nuggets.

The four were arrested at Sky View Park near Yaya centre in Nairobi, and on questioning; they could not give police satisfactory reasons on why they were in Kenya.

Recently, Kenya has been experiencing such fraud cases with several already before court. In most of them, foreigner among them Cameroonians, Ghanaians and Tanzanians are the ones that come to Kenya and obtain millions of money from unsuspecting victims for the fake gold.

In some previous cases, the complainants have even alleged to have been shown real gold and even taken to gold smelting industries before they did the transactions. However, upon receiving the money, the suspects disappeared without a trace.

It is alleged that when the police searched their residence, they recovered a police radio set, metal detector and some yellow nuggets suspected to be using to defraud members of the public as gold.

The police sought 14 days to enable them complete investigations, part of which they want to conduct an ID parade for the victim to identify the accused persons.

The police also want to confirm he immigration status of the suspects as well as check how they acquired a police radio set.

In addition, the want to verify whether the substances recovered are really gold or another substance from the Ministry of Mining.

Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi granted the request to have the four report at DCI daily to assist with investigations.

He also released them on a personal bond of Sh 20, 000 each. The matter will be mentioned on 15th May 2018.