Tax appeals tribunal creates tax dispute resolution awareness in Mt Kenya

Tax Appeals Tribunal Chairman Eric Nyongesa addressing members of public in Embu County during campaigns to educate members of the public on matters of tax dispute resolution. PHOTO/Courtesy.

The tax appeals tribunal has this week embarked on a campaign to create awareness on tax dispute resolution issues in Mt Kenya region.

Led by its Chairman Eric Nyongesa, the tribunal will be in Meru and Nyeri Counties on 11th and 12th April respectively.

The team which also includes representatives from KRA, ICPAK, LSK and Kenya Law will also be sensitizing members of the public on the tribunal’s mandate, its processes and the tax payers’ rights in Kenya.

Tax Appeals Tribunal Chairman Eric Nyongesa (red stripped tie) engaging in an interactive campaign in Embu County on Monday, 8th April 2024. PHOTO/Courtesy

The campaign kicked off on Monday 8th in Embu County where taxpayers, practitioners and agents were informed about the tribunal’s processes and what they require in order to utilize the tribunal’s services.

Nyongesa noted that there is a bit of absence of knowledge of processes and of adequate representation on matters tax.

He added that there is need for public engagements to build capacity for people appearing before the tribunal.

“It is important to increase the knowledge of the tax payer so that one knows who to engage in terms of representation,” the Chair added.

According to the Chairman, some tax payers do not know how to deal with disputes when they are served with an assessment by the commissioner.

“They do not have proper representation in terms of tax agents and even the lawyers representing them are not active tax practitioners,” he noted.

The Tribunal was set up in 2015 to specifically deal with tax disputes and is the first court that you go to when you have a dispute or tax matters with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).