Three suspected terrorists detained for 15 days pending investigations


A Nairobi court has ordered three suspected terrorist to be detained for 15 days to allow police to complete investigations into their involvement in the Dusit Hotel attack.

The Anti-Terrorism Police Unit suspects that the three, Muhamed Hassan Sheikh, Hussein Mohamed Abdile and Mire Abdullahi were in communication with the attackers.

Sheikh is alleged to have been in contact with a mobile phone number which was in direct contact with the slain terrorist Ali Salim Gichunge. The the same person who was the holder of the said phone number is allegedly responsible for aiding the escape of Gichinge’s wife, Violet Kemunto.

The second suspect, Abdile is alleged to have lied to the police that he was a minor and is of age (adult).

He had claimed to be a student at Kamar Mixed secondary school but on 20th February this year, he was examined by the medical officer of Heat at the Mbagathi hospital and found to be above the age of 18 years.

According to the prosecution, his phone received a parcel from Gichunge on 7th July 2018 and it is not known what the content in the parcel was.

Facebook Account

His phone number was also used to register a Facebook account which was used by the coordinators of the Dusit Attack.

The court was told the court that upon perusal of his Facebook account it was discovered that the was in touch with the planners and coordinators of the attack. He was also making forged student identity cards for one of the deceased attackers identified Sihat Omar but the card that he processed showed a different name, Adbifatah Yusuf Adan.

Abdullahi on the other hand is alleged to have provided internet services on 8th October 2018 to the planners and executors of the attack who were using multiple Facebook accounts.

The court further heard that Abdullahi’s phone number was in contact with another number which sent money on several occasions to one of the deceased terrorists.