US businessman charged in Nairobi with perjury and forgery

Mohamed Yasin Botan at Milimani Law Courts, Nairobi where he denied charges of forgery and perjury. PHOTO/Suek.

A US businessman has been charged in Nairobi with forging an investment agreement and perjury.

Mohamed Yasin Botan is accused of forging the said agreement dated 1st June 2021 for Habsom Investment Company Limited purporting it to be a genuine investment agreement signed by Bashir Hussein Abdisalam and Abdi Osman Jumaa, the directors of Habsom.

Botan is also charged with fraudulently uttering the said agreement presented at Milimani Commercial Court, purporting it to be genuine.

In addition, the accused if facing charges of perjury. The court heard that Botan, in a sworn affidavit before Chesikaw and Kipkorir Advocates, a commissioner of oaths and filed in a judicial proceeding suit No. COMMSU E017 of 2024 at Milimani Commercial, he knowingly gave false testimony touching on the matter which was material to a question then pending in that civil suit.

The accused is alleged to have committed the offense on 11th January 2024 at Milimani Commercial Court in Nairobi, jointly with others not before court and with intent to deceive.

He denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Robinson Ondieki.

Botan was released on a bond of Sh 300,000 plus one surety of a similar amount.

He will also have to deposit his passport in court to ensure he does not leave the jurisdiction of the court.


The trial will commence on 18th June 2024.