Former KINATWA Sacco chairman charged with publishing false information about current officials


A former KINATWA Sacco chairman has been charged with publishing false information discrediting the officials of the Sacco.

Joseph Mwendwa Kitheka is accused of publishing the false information on his whatsapp status on diverse dates between 1st December 2023 and 20th January 2024.

The alleged information…. “hizi no 9L brand new za kubeba maiti, now chairman fisi¬† thinks we are fools. Tese vehicles are preparing to take over your business in future. The new stages belong to him and pur vehicles currently are being used to open these routes for his company…. KDM 270H, KDN 259J,KCY 178L, KDL 379T, KDL 926D….. hii KCY ilitoka KAWAMA, biashara imekuwa ya familia”…… Which discredited the reputation od Amos Mutremi Wambua, the chairman of KINATWA Sacco.

Kitheka is also accused of publishing false information discrediting the Sacco’s Vice Chairman.

The accused is said to jave published on his whatsapp status the information…. “Hon. Members, this is the Sacco vehicle whose daily collection goes to yhe VC pocket. He has gone to…..”

This information is said to have discredited the reputation of the VC Fredrick Nzilu.

In addition, the accused is alleged to have published more information discrediting the CEO of the Sacco Joseph Mutisya  Kiema.

He denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi and was released on a cash bail of Sh 50,000 plus two contact persons.