Nairobi trolley guy tells court he was arrested for failing to shower

Derrick Mokaya in court where he told the magistrate he was arrested for not showering. Photo/Irene Onyango

You all now those trolley boys who carry luggage for people, right.


So one of them was arrested on allegation of possession of bhang worth Sh 1,050.


Derrick Mokaya allegedly had in his possession 21 rolls of the cannabis sativa.


Mokaya was arrested on 11 July 2022 at the junction of Ronald Ngala and Tom Mboya street where he operates his trolley from.


When presented before Senior Resident Magistrate Ben Mark Ekhubi, Mokaya said his colleagues are the ones who set him up.


Reason, he is untidy. His colleagues told the officer to remove him from their operation base because he was too dirty.


And just like that, the officer who is known to Mokaya since he patrols the area, arrested him.


He said the police officer told him he would take him to court where he(Mokaya) can talk to the judge.


Mokaya thought it was a joke since being detained for a few hours was nothing new to him. To his surprise, he spent almost two days in jail. Which is unconstitutional by the way.


One should be presented in court not later than 24 hours after arrest.


Mokaya was arrested on 11th and presented in court on 13th.


So, when he heard the charges against him, he denied them. He said it was not true. According to Mokaya, he thought the officer would release him later that day.


The trolley guy was given a cash bail of Sh 20,000.


He pleaded with the court saying he could not afford that amount since he does not earn much and he had not even worked during the day of arrest.


Mokaya told the Magistrate that the little none he had before he was arrested, he sent it to his mother to pay his grandmother’s hospital bill.


The Magistrate told him to try and raise the money but if cannot, he will return to court for a review.