Suspect in Idriss Mukhtar shooting alleges torture by police

One of the suspects linked to the attempted murder of former Garissa Finance Executive Idriss Mukhtar has been produced before a Nairobi court and accused police of unfair treatment.
Mohamud Hussein Aden who has was arrested on 27th August 2018 is alleged to have been tortured and denied legal counsel by police.
Through lawyer Cliff Ombeta, Aden’s family filed an application seeking to have him produced in court as he had suffered in the hands of the police and needs medical attention.
“I was treated in an inhuman, degrading and cruel manner in a bid to make me sign confessions regarding the alleged attempted murder,” claims Aden in his affidavit.
According to the court documents, ‘because of the aforementioned torture, his chest and male members are swollen and unless the court issues the orders sought, he will continue to suffer to his to his irreparable detriment’.
It is alleged that Aden who sure the cameras never got even a glimpse of his face was tortured in an attempt to make him sign confessions regarding the alleged attempted murder.
High court Deputy Registrar Faith Muguongo directed that he be taken to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and appear for inter party hearing on 6th September.
Aden is being accused alongside David Mwai Wanjiru who allegedly committed suicide the washroom of Parklands police station under unclear circumstances and one Juliet Charity Njoki who is yet to be presented before court.
The suspect is alleged to have been booked at several police station before finally being booked at Gigiri police station on 28th August in a deliberate attempt to avoid being arraigned in court within the requisite 24 hours of arrest.
Magistrate Nzibe allegedly went to Gigiri police station on 29th, more than 48 hours after he was arrested, ‘converted’ a room at the station into a ‘courtroom’ and purportedly issued orders to continue the detention of the applicant for 15 more days.
The applicant was denied right to legal counsel at the purported hearing not with standing that the OCS was well aware that the applicant had legal representation and even communicated with the said lawyers.
The matter will come up on 6th September for inter parties hearing.