Taita Taveta governor elect Granton Samboja in court to stop his investigations over forging academic papers

Taita Taveta governor elect Granton Samboja. Photo courtesy

Taita-Taveta governor elect Granton Samboja has moved to court seeking to stop further investigations, arrest and prosecution over his academic papers.

Samboja claims that the EACC has sought to forcefully obtain documentary evidence from him contrary to the constitution.

Through his lawyer, Samboja claims that he has for some time been apprehensive since the EACC gone ahead and assumed the role of a prosecutor and judge to imply that he is guilty and need to be arrested to be prosecuted over allegations of forgery of academic certificates.

Samboja is accused of using the same to gain admission into master’s degree course at Kenyatta University.

The governor elect alleges that EACC has unlawfully and maliciously sought to recommend to the DPP that he be charged.

He argues that the anticipated decision to now possibly, investigate further, arrest and charge him long after the form was submitted to IEBC and clearance issued is an abuse of legal process and a misuse of the DPP’s prosecutorial powers.

He wants the court to declare that the alleged misleading information in the self-declaration form submitted to the IEBC does not amount to a corruption offence or a matter within the mandate of EACC.

EACC, DPP. Inspector General of the National Police Service and the AG have been named as respondents in the case.