Six out of 17 arrested with illegal petrol charged


Six people out of 17 who had been detained over illegal possession of petroleum products have been charged.

Francis Wambui, Philip Irungu, Nzyoka Mavela, Thomas Kimani Njau, Benson Mutinda Wambua and James Kirugu Kigo are accused of illegally being in possession of 50 litres of petrol without lawful authority.

The accused had been detained to allow police to complete investigations.

According to the miscellaneous application by police, the 17 were found in possession of 21,000 litres of petrol, 4 generators, assorted horse pipes and 23 empty drums of 200 litres each.

However the police only preferred charges of being in possession of 50 litres of petrol illegally against the six.

The six denied the charges before Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku and were released in a cash bail of Sh 5,000 and directed to provide one contact person upon payment.

The case will be mentioned on 22nd October and will be heard on 6th November.

The court further directed that the lorry in the hands of police which the accused persons were allegedly intending to siphon fuel be released to the owner if it was not to be used as exhibit in the matter.

The owner who deals in petroleum applied to have the vehicle released on grounds that the lorry was not safe since it was full of petrol and suffer civil suits if he failed to deliver the petroleum.