Court restrains Munya from appointing new EPZA CEO


The employment and labor relations court has directed Trade, CS Peter Munya not to fill the position of Export Processing Zone Authority CEO until the a case filed by the former boss is determined.

EPZA former CEO Fanuel Odede Kidenda sued the CS over unlawfully dismissal.

“Pending hearing and determination of this case, court issues an order of injunction to seize from declaring the office vacant and recruiting the position of EPZA CEO,” rules Justice Helen Wasilwa.

The judge also directed that the petitioner be paid his salary from September when he was dismissed.

Kidenda argues that the former trade CS Aden Mohamed had reappointed him as the CEO for another three years but after the cabinet reshuffle and Munya took over, he immediately sucked him.

He appointed George Makateto as the acting CEO.

According to the judge, the matter before her is a unique case since two CS’s are fighting over the appointment of Kidenda.

Through lawyer Danstan Omari, Kedende argues that his removal and new appointment was done without the board’s involvement.

He also alleges it was in total disregard of all relevant laws and provisions of government circular and the human resource police of EPZ board.

In response, the corporation has termed kidenda’s reappointment as forgery and fraudulent.

EPZA claims the person who signed the contract of employment is an imposter and had no authority of the Minister through the board of authority to do so.

The parties have however asked the court to grant them more time to try and settle the matter out of court.

The matter will be mentioned on 6th February for further directions.