Lawyer charged with obtaining 4 million pretending to be a gold dealer



An advocate of the High Court has been charged in Nairobi with obtaining over Sh 4 million by false pretenses.
Malinzi Lucey Kwesiga is accused of obtaining 19,000 euros and USD 20,000 (equivalent to Sh 4 million) from Patrick Guy by falsely pretending by that he would sell him pure gold.

Kwesinga is alleged to have committed the offence on diverse dates between 8th and 26th March this year with intent to defraud Guy jointly with others not before court.

The lawyer denied the charge before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi.

His defense team had objected his plea taking on grounds that the charge sheet did not fully disclose the particulars of the offence.

The court heard that the accused received 3000 euros from the client and was instructed to have the money paid to a company called prime shippers, which he did.

The lawyers argued that the matter should be before the advocates’ disciplinary committee and not the court.

The Magistrate however dismissed the preliminary objections saying that nothing was submitted to warrant accused person not to plead to charge.

The lawyer was released on a cash bail of Sh 500,000. The case will be mentioned on 15th April and will be heard on 14th May this year.