Two detained, one bailed over planned escape of two Iranians from jail

The court has issued orders to detain two suspects accused of planning to free suspected Iranian terrorists from jail for 10 days.
Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko issued the order for detention of prison warder Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi and Ghanaian businessman Shem Grant Agyei to allow Anti-Terrorism Police Unit to complete investigations.
However, one of the suspects, lawyer Robin Bundi Nyangaresi was released on a cash bail of Sh 100,000.
In his ruling, the magistrate said there were compelling reasons to allow their detention but for only 10 days.
In addition, he ruled that lawyer Nyangaresi has been interrogated and has recorded his statement, therefore no need no detain him.
He was however directed to be reporting at ATPU everyday at 9 am.
The prosecution was seeking 30 days to detain the suspects to investigate allegations of planned escape of two Iranian nationals in custody after being linked to 15 KGS of lethal explosive known as RDX in Mombasa seven years ago.
The court heard that a senior diplomat at the Iranian Embassy is involved in the planned escape and there police will require more time to complete investigations.
It is alleged that the diplomat informed the three suspects that they were willing to spend Sh 150 million to ensure the execution of the plan.
The case against the Iranians is currently at the Supreme Court where the DPP is review or appellate court orders that set them free.