Kenya union of clinical officers want their union registered

Kenya union of clinical officers

Clinical officers want the court to compel the registrar of trade union to allow them register their own group.

The health workers say that forming their own union like the doctors and nurses will help them push for higher pay.

Kenya Union of Clinical Officers chairman Peterson Wachira says that the clinical officers have been deprived of the right of association by being barred from registering their Union of Kenya Clinical Officers (UKCO).

The clinical officers have threatened to go on strike if the government fails to address their grievances.

The Respondents in the case did not appear during the mention of the case. Justice Nduma Nderi directed that the matter be heard on the 13th of February.

“The members of the proposed Kenya union of clinical officers are working under very challenging conditions including working for 24 hours a day every week because the officers do not have a mechanism for bargaining collectively for suitable terms and conditions of service” said the officers

The clinical officers went ahead to say that it is in the interests of justice that the human suffering be ended as soon as possible as they continue to suffer because of overwork.

This comes in the midst of the doctor’s strike which has gone on for about two months now and the court has given the KMPDU officials an extra five days to complete negotiations to call off the strike.

The KMPDU officials were found guilty of contempt of court last month after they failed to suspend their strike as ordered by the court on 5th December last year. They were therefore sentenced to one month imprisonment on a suspended sentence. The doctors’ officials will know their fate on 3rdFebruary 2017