Three charged with publishing false information about businessman Emraan Kholsa


Three men of the Bohora community in Kenya have been charged with publishing false information.

Ajamal Amershi Karim, Arjun Chauhan Surya and Aftab Afzal Abass are accused of publishing the said information on 22nd January 2024 knowing the same was false and was likely to discredit the reputation of Emraan Khosla.

┬áThe three are alleged to have published information to wit “Emraan Khosla the thief behind the Bohora community scam and owner of Azem Kenya limited in Karen, he is the thief stealing the Bohora community funds in the name of white washing it with his partner Murtaza, Nairobi glass on Baricho road who also sells high end vehicle. Emraan steals from the Bohora community and in the name of business buys cars in conjunction with Murataza as an avenue of hiding this funds. He must be stopped and the public must be aware of this scam so as to save the public and other communities. He uses senior government official from security sector and the executive as a way to protect him and his 40 thieves. He sorrounds himself with young illiterate boys who have no direction in life to cover up for him for the stealing that he does. Beware this is a thief and must be exposed while masquerading as a businessman”.

Surya and Abass denied the charges before Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe. Karim did not plead to the charges since he did not appear in court on grounds that he was unwell.

The were granted a cash bail of Sh 100, 000 plus two contact persons each.